Collaborative Arts & Culture Foundation

In case you haven’t heard, HulaHub is now being supported by the new nonprofit Collaborative Arts & Culture Foundation.

So, what does that mean?

First, a little history:  Box Office Tickets (BOT) developed HulaHub as a probono project and launched it in November 2009.  BOT worked with the Regional Arts & Culture Council, the City of Portland and others, to create HulaHub.  It was a gift to the Portland arts community, which had wanted to have a central online cultural calendar for more than a decade.  HulaHub is all about creating community and promoting every cultural event in the Portland Metro.

The success of HulaHub has exceeded expectations.  Now thousands of subscribers receive weekly email updates and thousands more get HulaHub information from the web.  HulaHub shares calendar data with other major cultural websites, including those of TravelPortland and the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

After giving so much to make HulaHub a reality, BOT needed to step back and focus again on being a ticketing company.  Someone else needed to help HulaHub thrive.  That’s where the Collaborative Arts & Culture Foundation (CACF) comes in.

So who is CACF?

Currently, CACF is a small group of volunteers with decades of experience in the arts.  I’m the President of the Board.  We don’t yet have a staff, so this is a labor of love for us.   (Find out more about our mission at  After incorporating in March 2010, CACF decided to take on the role of maintaining, improving and growing HulaHub.  We believe in this tool and want to make it more successful.  Our long-term goal is to take HulaHub to communities across the country.

That’s it in a nutshell.   CACF is proud to bring this tool to everyone – the artists, cultural organizations, and the public at large.  We’ll be announcing more features and improvements in the future.  You can always let us know what you think by emailing us.