This week the Collaborative Arts and Culture Foundation (CACF) announced that will take the place of, Portland’s comprehensive online cultural calendar and marketing site.

In addition to providing calendar information and free e-marketing opportunities for the arts and culture community, will also continue to share data with the online calendars of Travel Portland, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, the Portland Area Theatre Alliance and many others.

“We have been listening carefully to the suggestions, needs and comments of local arts organizations and subscribers to the site.  We’ve taken their ideas and good suggestions to heart and will continue to improve this important service to the cultural community,” explains CACF board president, Ellen Bergstone.  “The new name has a direct connection to the purpose of the site — to encourage greater attendance at cultural events in Portland and Oregon — and is easier to remember.  The public will no longer think that our site is about Hawaiian dance!”

Upgrades to the new site include better and simplified navigation to improve the user experience, re-designed look and feel as well as the new Venue assessment.  A single search bar will provide information about local events, arts organizations, venues and more.   The Venues section now includes information about seating capacity, ADA accessibility, parking, public transportation, food options, venue amenities, equipment, etc.

“Our goal is to have be the ‘go-to’ source for arts and culture calendar data, connecting arts producers to new audiences and audiences to the range of cultural activities,” Bergstone said. “We are very pleased with the growth of, which now lists events for more than 1,500 artists and organizations, with over 50,000 weekly digest participants.   Since the launch of HulaHub, we have generated impressions and shared data for producers, venues and event information over 90,000,000 times.  We know these new improvements will make the site easier for visitors and producers alike and are working to have the entire Oregon and SW Washington region represented in the next year.”