Using a universal login, HulaHub automatically connects members to their local arts, cultural and entertainment community, while also allowing you to browse hubs in other locations, for example, when planning for a trip. There is no charge for listing events in the calendar, posting a profile, or using the blogging and social networking features of HulaHub. Some of the features of the site include:

  • Search by event, venue, producer or artist
  • Find tickets for upcoming events
  • See what the producers of art are recommending
  • Keep track of your favorite events and what’s happening at your favorite venues
  • Share your experiences using a blogging tool that integrates with multiple networks including Facebook and Twitter
  • Sign up to receive a weekly email digest about upcoming shows
  • Add your events for free

For consumers:

HulaHub serves the community by making arts, culture and entertainment more accessible and more personalized for everyone. You can search for events, venues and production companies in your area, tag your favorites and find tickets for shows. Attend an event and tell us about your experiences using our blogging tool that automatically integrates with your Facebook, Twitter and multiple other networks. Sign up to receive a weekly email digest with upcoming events from your favorites and recommendations of other events that match your interests. In some hubs, the digest will include recommendations from the people who are actually producing the art. So find an event that interests you, go see it, and tell us all about it!

For arts organizations:

HulaHub is a a free social networking service for the arts that helps organizations connect and interact with audiences and others in their community to create new synergies. It doesn’t matter whether your event is paid or free and whether it’s ticketed through the www.boxofficetickets.com® network, through local outlets or other ticketing services. Best of all, HulaHub frees cash-strapped organizations to spend less of their time and energy on web technologies and more on making and promoting their art.

By adding your organization and events to HulaHub, people can view your organization’s profile as well as find details of your event information, share your event with multiple social networks – including Facebook and Twitter – and tell others about their experiences using our integrated blogging tool. With the Internet becoming increasing social, it’s more important than ever to allow your patrons to be active and drive word of mouth.

We also have promotional and analytical tools that help you find new audiences and track impressions and clicks of your information on HulaHub. Better yet, HulaHub generates traffic back to your site increasing your site’s search engine ranking.

For venues:

HulaHub promotes your venue to thousands of people who are looking for a place to hold their next event. We also make it easy for individuals, artists and producers to search for venues by type of performance space, neighborhood, keyword and capacity. Actually, you may already be in HulaHub and not know it. Click on browse + buy, venues. and enter your venue name in the keyword search.

By adding your venue to HulaHub, people can view your venue details, tag it as their favorite and share it with multiple social networks – including Facebook and Twitter. They can also view your event information, not just current but past which increases your search engine ranking.

Lastly, we created an integrated blogging tool in HulaHub that allows your patrons to be active and drive word of mouth. Not only can they easily find your venue and events, they can share it with others and tell the world about what they just experienced. And don’t forget to check out our iPhone app. The search function is venue based using the iPhone’s built-in location finder.